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06 Aug 2021

The future scope of smartphone repairing skills 

Every individual tends to possess a smartphone these days, it’s become a significant part of everyone’s lives, especially since social media started growing rapidly. Today’s millennials and Gen Z understand the importance of a smartphone and since we all utilize them, the scope of smartphone repairing skills automatically appears. 


Moreover, about 93% of India’s population owns a phone, 75% of which are smartphones. What’s more? Whenever an individual needs to repair their smartphone, 90% of them prefer visiting a servicing centre rather than investing their money to purchase a new one. Taking these statistics into consideration, let’s outline the scope of smartphone repairing skills in today’s world. 


The smartphone repair industry’s rapid growth 


The smartphone repair industry continues to grow due to a few primary factors, the dependency of our generation on technology being amidst the major ones. You must have come across numerous individuals who are completely dependent on the internet and technology. Who wouldn’t want to have access to every minute detail in the palm of their hands? It has become quite feasible for us to browse through the internet to find the solution for every thought that pops up in our head. 


Similarly, the smartphone repair industry tends to expand in the opposite direction of the actual smartphone industry. To break it down into simple words, the repairs business has evolved into an industry of its own. Not only do companies possess their own service centers, there are a multitude of independent service centres available to attend to our repair requirements as well. 


The future scope for aspiring repair engineers 


New smartphones with advanced features are launched daily into the market, trying to keep up with the current advancements in technology while withstanding the competition simultaneously. If you are an aspiring repair engineer, you will have ample workspaces to choose from regardless of your expertise.  Furthermore, once you have educated yourself with the skills required to operate in the industry, you can start practicing them right away. 


The smartphone repair industry’s career profiles 


If you’re looking to pursue a career in this industry, you’ll need to be well-versed with every mobile operating system along with a multitude of software. Keeping this in mind, let’s dive straight into the top career profiles you could opt to pursue a career in once you’re done with your education. 


  • General service centre
  • Freelance repair engineer 
  • A repair shop for smartphones 
  • A smartphone tech and repair consultant 
  • Smartphone brands. 


Similarly, you could opt to start your own smartphone repair business since this business incorporates numerous scopes. Aspiring smartphone repair engineers can run their own repair shop and manage their team accordingly.  


Final Thoughts


The smartphone repair business operates in a lucrative industry and tends to rapidly grow as the amount of people who possess smartphones keeps on increasing day by day. People are spending millions on repairing their smartphones while companies lure in more individuals to join the business. And what makes the industry more attractive? 


Regardless of whether you wish to work part-time or dedicate eight to nine hours of your day, the smartphone repair industry accommodates individuals as per their convenience, taking their comfort into consideration.


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