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05 Jul 2022

Scope of Smartphone Repairing Course Training

A pocket-sized smartphone has modernized our lifestyle as this small gadget provides unlimited functions. Due to its smaller size, low cost, and easy-to-carry features, every person has a smartphone. Mobile companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Nokia, etc. are manufacturing millions of mobile every year. However, these smartphones have a one-year warranty for replacement or repair. The users find it difficult to repair their phones within and after warranty periods. Smartphone Repairing is a trending field that has attracted thousands of students to avail of exciting opportunities in this industry. As per recent reports, mobile phone repairing has a market size of $2 billion in India, $4 billion in the US, and £753 million in the UK.

Analyzing the Smartphone Mobile market and Repair services shows that almost no mobile company is providing reliable repairing services for customers. These companies have a limited number of repair centers in a few cities only. People from remote areas and small cities cannot access official repair services. That’s why most people have started their private mobile repair shops and companies. These private repairing services can provide repair services to everyone within a limited time and budget. However, customers demand quality repairing services for their expensive gadgets.

Smartphone Repairing demands are increasing rapidly as the number of smartphone users is also increasing. However, mobile repairing services are not enough to handle this emerging market. Multiple training institutes are offering mobile repairing courses and diplomas that aim to provide mobile phone repairing training. As there are no strict requirements for education, technical background, or experience, smartphone repair can provide jobs to millions of students. Therefore, this market can employ technical, nontechnical, and uneducated people in the technology sector for repairing mobile phones. Moreover, Smartphone Repairing services are here to stay until the mobile industry exists.

Smartphone Repairing Training Courses provide complete training for repairing smartphones for all companies. These services include both hardware and software sections. Most users face hardware faults that require in-store repair. Smartphone repairing course provides complete training of all components so that trainee can repair any kind of fault. This course trains students for these components

  • Ringer fault
  • Keypad Fault
  • SIM fault
  • Dead Fault
  • Wi-Fi fault
  • GPS fault
  • Water Damage Fault
  • Charging fault
  • Signal fault
  • Camera Fault
  • Bluetooth fault
  • Basic smartphone communication
  • Unlocking Solutions
  • Assembling & Disassembling
  • Changing the Home Button
  • Basic Introduction of Circuit Board
  • Replacing Broken LCD
  • Replacing Broken Glass Digitizer
  • Repairing the Data Port
  • Earpiece, Mouthpiece fault
  • Data Transfer and Recovery
  • Hanging & Restarting Fault
  • BGA Controller Chip Repairing
  • Display, LCD Light fault
  • Replacing the Wi-Fi Flex Cable
  • ESN, IMEI, and SIM Relationship
  • Troubleshooting schematic diagram
  • GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G Network
  • PCB Boards Physical/Liquid Damage
  • Touchpad & Sensor fault
  • Taking Carrier Locks off GSM Phones
  • Memory fault (Internal & External)
  • Replacing the Headset Jack Flex Cable
  • Replacing Different ICs


Smartphone Repairing Services have wider scope in many countries as customers prefer repairing phones rather than buying new ones. Smartphone repairing courses and training provide hands-on training and experience for repairing smartphones. Students can find jobs in mobile shops, and companies, or start their own smartphone repairing businesses. Moreover, students can find a job in mobile manufacturing companies. The smartphone repairing business is flourishing due to higher demand for repairing. The beginners can start earning 20,000 – 40,000 INR per month. The income can be boosted through experience, customer loyalty, and brand development.

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